Honoring Veterans

John 15:13    (NLT)

13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

The inscription on the monument for the Korean War Veterans reads “Freedom is not Free” reminds us that while many of us will live our entire lives and enjoy a host of freedoms that we may never fully appreciate because we simply have always had them and therefore take them for granted. It is not a negative thing because it is in our human nature to just accept the ways of life handed down by the generation that lives before us. While it may be normal it is far from reality for our military and where the application of an education in history helps us all. The freedoms we enjoy that allow us free choices that provide us liberty have been under attack and assault for 242 years and in that time some 48 million people (and counting) have and are serving in our military to protect and keep freedom as our way of life. That Freedom is also best protected by the use and results of it in our lives. While a soldier serves many times far from home to keep our freedom God expects us to utilize and share that freedom from a fruitful life here at home.  

 “The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedoms tree.”   Thomas Campbell The Veterans that have fought and died for our freedom as well as those serving today have given their lives in service as a seed that is grown here in America and produces fruit which in turn develops and prepares the next generation of Patriot’s to continue and ensure these Freedoms are forever for our country.

Thank a Veteran today for their sacrifice and service and may we continue to pray for our service men and women as well as our government in keeping our Freedom and Liberty.