In Genesis 3:20 Eve was called by the title of “Mother” before she had actually brought forward any children. From the beginning God recognized the two fold function of a mother. One was to bilogically give life to another human being and second was to provide for and raise that life into a functional living being. The one who gives us life is our bioligal mother and without whom we would not exist to be a part of “All Living Things.” Depending on our direction and circumstances in life there will also be someone who becomes our mentor, coach, encourager and friend. If that is the same person then the bond of mother grows even stronger and yet we can feel a love for both areas in our lives if it happens to be different people. Our desire for a relationship and to be loved will always move us to look for someone to learn and grow with as we go along in life. No matter who we are or where we are today we can feel those connections in our lives. Today is a day to reflect and to remember the mother(s) that have impacted our lives. It also provides an opportunity for us to reach out and thank them, and tell them how much we appreciate them. If they are no longer with us it is most likely that their influence has become a part of our lives that we may now pass on to our children or to other young people in need of support. A mothers love is still giving life and impacting lives long after their life here is over. Please pray over this and reach out to a special “mother” in your life today.


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