Day of Grace

Easter was a great marker this year coming in the middle of April with many of Gods flowers and trees in bloom it brought forward the message of renewal and resurrection in a wonderful way. The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith and our promise of eternal life provided by God on our acceptance of faith in forgiveness of our sins under the blood of Jesus on the Cross. The resurrection under God’s power escapes our ability to understand and moves us to Faith in His word and Promise through Jesus. We like for things to make sense to us by fitting it into our “logical” box. This works nice when things fit and make sense to us but it leaves little to no room for faith and growth in our lives. Easter gives us an opportunity to use our logic and reason as far as we can take it in understanding God’s power through the resurrection. Easter brings us to a remembrance of his love for us and the Grace of the final sacrifice for our sin in His death providing our forgiveness. Our faith after Easter rises in the light of Grace under the power of the resurrection. Grace extends the gift of forgivenss and eternal life to us through God’s love and power. That love should move us to live so that the Grace of the resurrection is evident in our daily lives.


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