The Gift of Faith

When we make a confession of faith in Jesus Christ we receive the unmerited favor of God’s Grace in our salvation. That confession of faith is a choice we make based on the belief in our heart that God’s promise is true and that we need Him in our life. We often focus on living a good life – a good school, a good job, good friends, nice family, being honest and loving to others but, in reality until we make this confession of faith and our hearts allow God to be the center of our life we are only wandering our way thru life outside of God’s purpose for us. It often isn’t even noticeable until we fail at something and really allow it to control us while things get worse. Our focus is only on the negative with no Hope of a better tomorrow. This usually continues in our lives until God gets our attention in repeated failure or we see someone ( a witness ) that deals with circumstances in a way we have not thought of in that they have a Hope we don’t know. That Hope is a faith in Jesus Christ and it is free for everyone by making this confession and finding the Love and Hope of God as the focus of our lives.