The Journey

The story of the 2 travelers on the road to Emmaus is a wonderful illustration of living our lives inside our day to day circumstances and God finding us in that day to day struggle and opening our spirits to his Word and guidance.

One of our biggest challenges in life is we think salvation and a relationship with God is a destination – a state in life we will attain to when we are worthy of salvation and the relationship, we will share with God one day in Heaven. That may be true, but it is NOT what God created us for – the scripture says he created us for his pleasure and his purpose. His pleasure is in a relationship with us where we value him daily and live out his love in our lives to fulfill the purpose, he has for each of us. The purpose God has for us is not a destination (although that comes with it) it is a journey thru this life that he has provided and blessed us with. That life is lived each and every day that we get up and go out about our way. God’s word is our light in the darkness, it is a map and a compass all in one that provides direction for us each day.

The Bible provides direction, correction, teaching, training – it is a living document and that is what makes it so powerful. It is not a just a document of history, it has current application and its most powerful attribute is as a prophetic guide into our future. This living power of God’s word assures us that He will not only be with us in our darkest hour, but he be with us and provide a light for our path to remain in His love for us. God seeks a daily relationship with us where we look to him for our day to day guidance. Like the travelers on the Emmaus road may He be a light on our path today.