Filled with the SPIRT

From the previous post the results of being filled with the Holy spirit bring positive results to our lives as well as those that we come into contact with. Or to put it another way, if the Holy Spirit fills us it will overflow our clay pot and be out for others to see by how we live our lives. We all think kindly of the filling and the result of our cup overflowing with blessings. Let’s look at a few things that must happen for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit and for it to overflow in our lives to others. The first thing that has to happen is that the clay pot ( us ) has to have room to accept the input from God. This may seem like and odd statement but think for a moment how full your life is today of obligations, day to day activities, hobbies, habits ( good or bad ) that have filled your clay jar to the brim and overflowing on you? Naturally then when God provides and opportunity to serve in a new and different way we can’t even consider it because we are overrun with the day to day challenges of life. Before you can be filled with new God has to first nudge you out of your comfort zone and move you to open your heart to something new and different. If you are not willing and continue to struggle it is harder and God may move to make room in your jar by helping you empty out some things so you can move forward. Sickness, Death, Loss of Job, a major change in your life to get your attention and realign your priorities to create some room for His spirit in your heart. Look at all the men in the room on the day of Pentecost had lost in their lives in just the last month – the death of their friend and teacher Jesus Christ as well as the pressure of arrest, conviction and death they all now faced as well. God took away from them a friend they loved and stressed them to the point they would be together hiding from everyone so that they would be open to His Spirit and calling in their lives. Either way God can help us with the space in our cup we just need to recognize His hand in our lives and be open to the leading and filling of His Holy Spirit.