Lent Series – God’s Word & Purpose

In Hebrews 10 1-7 the writer reminds us that God’s plan was for a relationship not a process of sacrifices that would be offered in exchange for something temporary for us. When Jesus came to fulfill God’s plan, his expression is in Vs 7 – He had come into a time of sacrifice and religious process. The proclamation here is that Jesus had come and the “Book” or from the translation “God’s Whole Word” or the “Book”. The entire Bible in the Old Testament points forward to Jesus. The recorded writings there provide proof for our faith that God had a plan for us from the beginning. Jesus came into this world in a human form to fulfil God’s plan by carrying out His Will. In understanding just this simple truth we can find our purpose in recognizing that the entire Bible is a reference to Jesus. The Old Testament points to His coming to this world, the Gospels record His birth, life, death and resurrection to bring God’s plan to us. The remaining letters point us to His second coming.

Lent allows us an opportunity to see ourselves in light of this text in two very helpful ways. First, Jesus being the Word of God, written into the Book from the beginning, ensures that we know that no matter where we go in scripture to improve our relationship with Him we can count on our reading to keep us focused on Jesus. Second, if Jesus came to this world in human form “to do God’s will” then we can also be confident that we are here for the same purpose. The “entire Word” is available to us to use to reflect on our lives and to build on our relationship with God so that our relationships with one another become stronger as others see His Word in us.