Love – ( Advent Week 4 – LOVE )

The 4th Week of Advent brings us to the expectation of Love and it has no better illustration than Paul’s writing to the Church in Corinth. The expectation of Advent brings us to the understanding that Hope, Peace and Joy are all wrapped up in our Faith. Faith brings us Hope in the promise of eternal life thru Jesus’ life and death. We struggle sometimes with Faith because it is not often a tangible thing we can touch or feel with our hands nor see with our eyes. That gap like the gap between a sinful person and a Holy God can only be covered by
His love and that Love came to us in Jesus. As we celebrate the Love of Advent in the birth of Jesus Christ we can better relate to Paul’s writing after the death and resurrection of  Jesus on the power and meaning of God’s love in our lives. If Faith and Hope sustain us when we are left in a negative place by life’s circumstances Paul reassures us in the 13th chapter of 1stCorinthians that Love always endures all circumstances because it is God’sgreatest gift to us as His children.