Life or Death ?

We often keep the death of Jesus in our rearview mirror. Our faith tells us that it is historically both a literal and spiritual truth yet we are not forced to be on one side or the other of his actual death. It creates a unique paradox for Christians because Peter’s words are as applicable to us today as they were to the actual people of Jesus day. God’s purpose and foreknowledge brings Jesus to us each day in many ways and through many people that we meet along our way. We may either find someone that shares our faith and has an experience we can share together, or we may find someone in need of finding God’s purpose in their lives. Either way we hold the life of Jesus and the opportunity to share Him or to steer clear of him in the presence of lost and evil people. The question that comes to us from Peter’s sermon is are we aware that on any given day we have the opportunity share Jesus or put him to death. While that is not a literal choice, that we can easily separate our actions from, it can be a lost opportunity in not speaking for Jesus we spiritually allow His death by not fulfilling our purpose. The reality for us all is that on any given day, under circumstances of the moment we will find ourselves on both sides of this question – not that we lack sufficient faith but we are all too human and weak in our ability to discern our path without God’s guidance. The important thing for us to keep in mind is that we acknowledge God’s purpose is far beyond our ability and we continue in faith each day to let Him live in all circumstances through our lives.