Today or Tomorrow ?

Mark Twain said, “Never put off until tomorrow that which can be done day after tomorrow”. While that is a humorous anecdote on our human nature it has a ring of truth to it. We all feel like our world gets busier and busier so we need to prioritize our activities. In the alignment we end up moving some things out further and further because we just can’t do it all. The things we move most often are areas where we know the affected people will have the most patience with us, like our family and close friends. In the short term of today that may work ok but tomorrow can only absorb so much, and then we find ourselves moving our schedules out beyond tomorrow which can cause even our closest relationships some strain. When we begin to feel that stress James’ words should ring in our ears – tomorrow holds no certainty for us even though many of priority actions seem urgent to us. There is no urgency beyond our family that should change our important activities. All of  our plans should always be mindful of the brevity of life and the gift we have to share today with each other. Never let urgent replace important ( ever ) and never see the ones you love and leave them without telling them how you feel. It may feel like it is a little silly but it could be most valuable silly thing you will ever do, if the mist you see today is gone tomorrow.