A Full House

We often think that our house is full of many things – children, laundry, empty or ½ empty water bottles, snack paper, dust bunnies ………. It can sometimes be overwhelming. If part of a snack or some not so recently used sports clothes are in the mix then parts of the house may smell a little funny. There are also good things for our house to be full of  – Love, family and the great smell of cooking food. The smell of food tells us in our minds that a time of thankfulness and fellowship is close at hand.

         Mary and Martha’s home was the site of a fellowship meal for their friend Jesus. The scripture says Lazarus, who Jesus had raised from the dead was also in attendance. It was a celebration and fellowship to be shared with Jesus, family and friends. The house was most likely full of the smell of food and the sounds of fellowship. Mary just as she had done before finds Jesus while Martha serves the guests. She anoints Jesus feet and the scripture says the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. The house was full of friends, family and food when the fragrance from Jesus filled the room. If the house is filled with Jesus then it brings purpose to everything in the house. Are our homes filled with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit? If so then all the other things that fill it are a part of our purpose. If God is not present in the house then it is just full of stuff – stuff has no purpose and creates stumbling blocks instead of steps to serve Jesus like Mary.


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