Faith Works

If God’s Grace is the movement of God for our salvation through Jesus Christ then the next move is ours.  Faith is our belief in God’s work and while Faith cannot be seen it is the fuel by which we accomplish the purpose God has called each of us to in His service. Faith moves our experience of Grace into action through our lives. Our human nature can sometimes allow us to become lazy and just cruise along simply existing in life. God did not create us to exist but to live our lives as an expression of our relationship with Him. James reminds us that Faith requires action –

We are all within God’s purpose whether we have made a confession of Faith or not. If we have not then His purpose can only be to move us to make a confession of belief in Jesus Christ so we can then exercise our Faith.  If we have confirmed our belief in Jesus Christ, then our Faith lives in our actions that allow us to fulfill God’s purpose. Our prayer today is that our Faith will move us to actions in our lives that reflect God’s presence in our hearts.